Psychological Evaluation for Weight Loss Surgeries

As a candidate for weight-loss surgery, you will be referred for psychological evaluation and consultation with a Health Psychologist. The primary purpose of the psychological evaluation before surgery is to evaluate whether there are any mental health conditions or concerns, or behavior patterns, that need to be treated or managed for the operation to be successful. For example, the habit of mindless snacking between meals can easily sabotage your weight loss following your surgery and must be stopped once you have had the surgery. The health psychologist will be able to help you with preventing similar behavior patterns after your surgery.

Your pre-surgical psychological evaluation will include a one hour face-to-face clinical interview, psychological testing, mood inventories, and other questionnaires. The results of the evaluation will be included in a complete psychological report that will be mailed directly to your treatment team. You can request a separate appointment with Dr. Merrill to get feedback about the results of your psychological testing.

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